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Create & share challenges and invite others to participate. Let the world know about your participation on Social Media Channels and get WOWs & LIKEs to win. Show your talent, get judged by the audience and collect handsome tips.

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SolemnSoundz Features


Live Friendly Competitions

SolemnSoundz allows users to host and participate in live friendly singing competitions.


SolemnSoundz allows users to issue challenges to followers to see whose song cover is better.

Ranking System/Leaderboards

Beat the best to be the best. Move up in the leaderboards with each challenge you win.

Live Interactions

Vote for your favorite singer by tapping their screen and comment during challenges.

Possible rewards

SolemnSoundz gives users the option to tip singers for their amazing performances.

User Personal Page/Profile

Keep track of challenges you participated in and keep track of your followers. Pin your preferred photo and or video for followers to view.

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